[extropy-chat] give 'em boundless wealth in the form of nuclearpower

Greg Burch gregburch at gregburch.net
Sun Oct 23 22:44:56 UTC 2005

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> From: spike
> > [The subject line of this thread is weirdly dysfunctional and 
> unpleasant,
> > BTW, Greg, rather as if we were discussing ways to encourage people to
> > love
> > each other better under the heading `Rape 'em'.]
> > 
> > Damien Broderick
> Note new subject line.
> spike

Aww, c'mon, spike, where's your sense of humor?!?!  Robert's back and talking about nice, peaceful stuff like converting huge swaths of the American West to concrete bacteria ponds and all's right with world but, oh, ok ....

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