[extropy-chat] give 'em boundless wealth in the form ofnuclearpower

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 23:19:08 UTC 2005

> Aww, c'mon, spike, where's your sense of humor?!?!  Robert's back and
> talking about nice, peaceful stuff like converting huge swaths of the
> American West to concrete bacteria ponds and all's right with world but,
> oh, ok ....

But Greg, Im sure we will love having huge swaths
of the American west converted to scum pits.  There 
isn't much there now except huge grassy wastelands, 
upon which the buffalo rack up roaming charges.

Regarding Robert talking about nice peaceful stuff,
I have always suspected him of being a magnanimous
peacenik.  That whole superhawk thing is just a macho
act.  {8^D

When it comes to generating power, we are going to
have to choose our poison, there's just no way around 
it.  The greens hate everything for good reason: 
every known energy source causes some undesirable 
consequences.  It may turn out that oil burning
will someday be fondly remembered for how clean 
it was.

Greg its great to see you back here pal, we missed
you big time.  {8-]

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