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Jeff Davis jrd1415 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 03:27:47 UTC 2005

--- spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:

> We judged them by their cars, Jeff.  We know west
> Germany produces Mercedes, Audis and BMWs.

Not to mention the fau vey, first gazed upon with that
warm feeling of teutonic technische superiorität by
übermensch numero uno, der Furor himself.  And their
women are stocky and grow armpit hair from out there
nostrils.  Oh I'm sorry, we were talking about
something, what was it again?  

> What cars are made in East Germany?  In Russia?  
> North Korea?  China?*

Oh right.  The quality of nation's automobiles as the
bedrock metric of cultural/ideological
self-satisfaction.  That doesn't work for me, you
remember my old Volvo?  

> We could only guess what life was like on the
> eastern 
> side of the wall.  I often heard about people trying
> to escape to West Berlin, but I do not know of
> anyone 
> trying to scale that wall to get to the east side. 
> Were 
> there any?  Were there even guards on the west side?
>  Have 
> there been people in Miami cobble together a raft to
> try 
> to float to Cuba?  Would Cuba take them if they did?

And let us not forget all those Mexicans fleeing the
horror that is Mexico.  Let me draw you a picture:  
   -> -> -> -> -> -> $$$$$$$$$$$ <- <- <- <- <- <-

>  I
> am not making a political statement, only asking,
> for it
> seems we would have to have idealists in the west
> who
> would long to live under communism.  Did South
> Koreans
> defect to the north?  Do you know Jeff?

I don't know.  But then I don't read the North Korean
newspapers, and I doubt you'd find mention of such
defections in the western press.

> I think I heard of a U.S. marine who defected to 
> North Korea a long time ago.

> *Decades ago, Three Dog Night uttered:
> If I were the king of the world
> Tell you what I'd do
> I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the war
> Make sweet love to you
> Sing it now, jooooy to the world...
> Jeff or someone who was there, please explain: I can
> see
> wanting to throw away the war, but why would anyone
> wish to throw away the cars and the bars?  Neo-
> prohibitionists?  Who liked horses?

Sorry spike, I never could make out all the lyrics to
those songs, though I do recall the "make sweet love
to you" part.

Best, Jeff Davis
"We call someone insane who does not believe as we do 
          to an outrageous extent."
                     Charles McCabe

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