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> In a similar vein.  I was rather surprised to see,
> back when the Soviet Union was collapsing and the
> Berlin wall was coming down, all the folks in the
> street nicely dressed in sturdy, warm, even stylish
> (if practical) attire.  What ever happened to the
> impoverished victims of communism?...
> Best, Jeff Davis

We judged them by their cars, Jeff.  We know west
Germany produces Mercedes, Audis and BMWs.  What cars
are made in East Germany?  In Russia?  North
Korea?  China?*

We could only guess what life was like on the eastern 
side of the wall.  I often heard about people trying 
to escape to West Berlin, but I do not know of anyone 
trying to scale that wall to get to the east side.  Were 
there any?  Were there even guards on the west side?  Have 
there been people in Miami cobble together a raft to try 
to float to Cuba?  Would Cuba take them if they did?  I
am not making a political statement, only asking, for it
seems we would have to have idealists in the west who
would long to live under communism.  Did South Koreans
defect to the north?  Do you know Jeff?  I think I heard
of a U.S. marine who defected to North Korea a long time

*Decades ago, Three Dog Night uttered:

If I were the king of the world
Tell you what I'd do
I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the war
Make sweet love to you
Sing it now, jooooy to the world...

Jeff or someone who was there, please explain: I can see
wanting to throw away the war, but why would anyone
wish to throw away the cars and the bars?  Neo-
prohibitionists?  Who liked horses?


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