[extropy-chat] Happy New Year and resolution.

Herb Martin HerbM at learnquick.com
Tue Jan 3 07:17:56 UTC 2006

> Is there a program or site that exists that can help me acknowledge
> what I eat and dri nk?
My guesses would include the WeightWatchers site and TonyRobbins 
site -- Tony was on Larry King the other night saying he had a free
program fro the new year and I believe WW has diet guides online.

Both are (obviously) designed to get you to sign up and
spend money with them, but providing free content is a 
legitimate way to try to sell a product.
A google search should get you more; something like (untested):
    [  nuitrition | diet  log | diary  carbohydrates | protein | fat ]
The vertical bar | is OR, but you can use the capitalized word OR
if you prefer.
You can play around with this or add other keywords that follow
more closely what you hope to find.
Notice that Google accepts quotes for phrases and * as a wildcard
within a phrase:   "diet guide"   "food * guide"
You can restrict searches to certin URL patterns with "SITE:",
e.g, this will only find you key words at US registered universities,
colleges, etc:
        [  diet guide  site:edu ]
Tilde ~word will find synonyms for a keyword:  [  ~diet ~diary ]
And if you find a lot of "wrong" sites, you can preface a word with minus
to DISALLOW pages with that word:
    [  ~diet ~diary -weightwatchers ]
Another variation:  Inurl: can find pages with a word within a URL, eg.:
    [ ~diet ~diary  inurl:planner ]
And while probably not useful for this quest, you can also specify certain
useful file types:
    [ "diet  * guide"  filetype:pdf | filetype:doc | filetype:xls ]
I through the xls in as an afterthought since you may actually find
a (free) spreadsheet that will help you maintain such a diary/log.
Let me know if you need more or more direct help.
Herb Martin
Teach fishing.

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