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On the other side, circumsicion reduces the risk for cervical cancer in 
sexual partners and penile cancer. It also reduces/eliminates infection and 
inflammation of the foreskin. It also reduces the chance of STD transmission 
to sexual partners.


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> > My son is due June.  I jumped the gun in announcing this,
> > because we are still high risk of miscarriage.  Since you
> > bring this up, I apologize in advance for a topic that
> > is not extropic.  But you are my friends and I need some
> > friendly advice:
> >
> > To circumcise, or not.  Why or nhy?  Offlist OK.
>Well, I guess it's in a clearly identifiable thread that can be easily
>skipped by people who aren't interested in it... I can't give you a
>definitive answer to the question; I'm no medical expert. But one thing you
>might want to take into account when making the decision: I saw an article
>awhile back about some number of baby boys who had a circumcision botched 
>the point where doctors found it necessary to go for a full sex change
>operation. (It turned out badly: on reaching adolescence, they found
>themselves psychologically male in female bodies; that was the context in
>which I came across the article.) What the percentage of this is, I don't
>- Russell

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