[extropy-chat] circumcision

M.B. Baumeister mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Jan 13 18:35:58 UTC 2006

> Our son was circed at the age of 8. We felt that it wasn't an issue as
> long
> as the kid learned to keep himself clean. Long story short, hey, I had to
> go
> there, he developed adhesions at the age of 7. He had more pain from the
> adhesion wound than the circ wound. Yep we (I) taught him how to clean
> himself; we called it the protocol. As my son got older and gained
> freedoms
> he developed his own, albeit, less thorough protocol.  Thing is, one needs
> to set kids free at some point and the behind the ear inspections, (Have
> you
> looked behind the ears of kids ages 6-10? Some strange goings on back
> there.) become less frequent.

Ouch! :(

IIUC my brother was circumcised before going to war (I was just a little
kid). It was related to being able to keep clean - in wartime, where?
when? how? Makes sense, I guess. It was his idea.

You're right, you cannot subject a big kid of 8-10 to such thorough
inspection, they must begin to take responsibility for themselves. My son
had toenail troubles: he was cutting them wrong and that led to ingrown
toenails. Geez. :/ I thought we'd covered that, but plainly he hadn't
gotten the message. Kids. Once a parent, always a parent! :)))


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