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mike99 mike99 at lascruces.com
Sat Jan 14 18:03:40 UTC 2006

Dear Jose,
Thank you for telling us much more about yourself -- by your selective use
of information and your invention of untruths -- than about me or anyone
else. For example, since in fact I do not believe in reincarnation, I could
never have wished for you a better one!

As a Buddhist I have taken a vow to work toward the end of suffering for all
sentient beings. That includes Stalinists and neo-Nazis...and even you. This
does not make me a Stalinist or a neo-Nazi. And, I am relieved to say, it
doesn't make me you, either, my friend!

Good luck in your future endeavors.


Michael LaTorra

mike99 at lascruces.com
mlatorra at nmsu.edu
English Dept., New Mexico State University

"For any man to abdicate an interest in science is to walk with open eyes
towards slavery."
-- Jacob Bronowski

"Experiences only look special from the inside of the system."
-- Eugen Leitl

"Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman: a rope across
an abyss - a dangerous going across, a dangerous wayfaring, a dangerous
looking back, a dangerous shuddering and staying still."
-- Friedrich Nietzsche

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  Dear friends,
       This I hope will be my last message here for a long time. I am tired
of all this infighting and I have better things to do, like you too. So
please, don’t read any further if you are thinking you are wasting your time
now, and disregard any pornographic material in between.
  Mike LaTorra is a good hearted man, unless you discuss with him his
Buddhist and socialist ideas. Then he gets really mad and threatens you with
not being his friend and hoping that you will have a better reincarnation
next time. He is known for putting together the WTA News and loving science
fiction. He is very worried because he feels that he is getting old (aren’t
we all?). If you are a Stalinist, but a “good” Stalinist, who makes nice web
pages and translates well into Russian, Mike LaTorra will invite you to join
his Club since he has a nice double morality.
        Transhumanistically yours,

  La vie est belle!

  Yosé (www.cordeiro.org)

  Caracas, Venezuela, Americas, TerraNostra, Solar System, Milky Way,
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