[extropy-chat] What _is_ it with the WTA board, anyway?

Joseph Bloch transhumanist at goldenfuture.net
Sun Jan 15 03:35:52 UTC 2006

Setting aside for the moment the specifics of the recent spat within the 
WTA board of directors, one cannot help but notice that this is a 
recurring event.

Almost like clockwork, one or more members of the Board become so 
frustrated that they feel compelled to resign (or are otherwise driven 
out), and much bad blood is generated, and good, active leaders leave 
the WTA. Almost invariably, the persons in question were in a conflict 
with Dr. Hughes.

One or two times, you can ascribe to coincidence. But this has happened 
with at least four people thusfar to my knowledge. Can it really be 
their fault every time? Does it really make sense that Jose Cordeiro, 
Bruce Klein, Harvey Newstrom, and Elizier Yudkowski are each to blame, 
when each and every one of them ran afoul of James Hughes and left or 
were driven out subsequently? Not to mention all the other bitter 
arguments amongst the board, some quite heated, each and every one of 
which sees Dr. Hughes at its center (and I have had my share, I will 
fully admit, and I'm probably next on the list to be forced out).

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that it's "everyone else's fault". 
If that sounds like a swipe at Dr. Hughes, so be it; I ask it as a 
legitimate question. Four personal conflicts bad enough to drive away 
members of the Board (and countless others of lesser severity) and it's 
never his fault? I find it difficult to reasonably accept that poor 
set-upon James is an innocent player in all this.


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