[extropy-chat] What _is_ it with the WTA board, anyway?

Hughes, James J. james.hughes at trincoll.edu
Sun Jan 15 15:21:46 UTC 2006

> Jose Cordeiro, Bruce Klein, Harvey 
> Newstrom, and Elizier Yudkowski are each to blame, when each 
> and every one of them ran afoul of James Hughes 

Uh, for the record, Mr. Cordeiro just withdrew from running for
re-election, Bruce Klein and Harvey Newstrom resigned from the Board,
and Mr. Yudkowsky lost a re-relection. 

So I don't know how I can be blamed for 'driving out' Yudkowsky. And
yes, the other three Board members and I had many disagreements. But
neither I, nor any Board member, moved to have them removed from the

Subsequently I have collaborated on WTA and IEET projects with Mr. Klein
and Mr. Newstrom, and I'm glad we have repaired those relationships.

J. Hughes

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