[extropy-chat] What _is_ it with the WTA board, anyway?

Mike Hayes l4point at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 19:19:55 UTC 2006

To the context of much chatter about what should and should not be allowed
on lists, with constraints being mentioned having to do with list decorum
and  relationships to the primary Subject Matter:

1.  I have removed my name from the WTA list due to bullshit far in excess
of any reasonable person's expectations of what should be allowed in their

2.  I respect various persons who use the organizational capabilities of
their human cognitive facilities to attempt to connect the dots between what
should and should not be allowed within a list.

3.  However,  WTA bullshit is now spilling over in the this list, which in
turn finds its way to my inbox.

4.  This list in turn must be terminated.  That is to say, it must be made
to cease to exist within the confines of the universe of my Inbox.

Failure consists, in essence, of some number of persons in a closed room
chattering about subjects, and some larger number of persons leaving that
room than those, hearing the chatter, choosing to go into it.

5.  I believe that this list represents a sort of first generation mail list
protocal, indeed it predates the Internet and it's general format, as I
recall, was floating in Arpanet.  It is obselete.

6.  If and when the members of this Extropy chat list determine methods to,
in the course of conversations, assign reputation and interesting/non
interesting factors to members, and thus in turn for a subscriber to filter
to an acceptable level incoming communications, while at the same time
providing negative feedback to loudmouth jerks who are free to clog the
bandwidth, please at that time, send me a note so that I may resubscribe.

7.  Factors such as described in #6 are already in place in the web based
communication systems of teenagers, from whom, perhaps there is much to

8.  Have a nice day.

Mike Hayes

On 1/15/06, Hughes, James J. <james.hughes at trincoll.edu> wrote:
> > Jose Cordeiro, Bruce Klein, Harvey
> > Newstrom, and Elizier Yudkowski are each to blame, when each
> > and every one of them ran afoul of James Hughes
> Uh, for the record, Mr. Cordeiro just withdrew from running for
> re-election, Bruce Klein and Harvey Newstrom resigned from the Board,
> and Mr. Yudkowsky lost a re-relection.
> So I don't know how I can be blamed for 'driving out' Yudkowsky. And
> yes, the other three Board members and I had many disagreements. But
> neither I, nor any Board member, moved to have them removed from the
> Board.
> Subsequently I have collaborated on WTA and IEET projects with Mr. Klein
> and Mr. Newstrom, and I'm glad we have repaired those relationships.
> J. Hughes
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