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Mon Jan 16 09:10:41 UTC 2006

On Jan 15, 2006, at 6:48 PM, mike99 wrote:

> Not all Board members attended the Oxford meeting. Interestingly, the 
> ones
> who did not attend -- Bruce Klein and Harvey Newstrom -- were the ones 
> who
> eventually joined Jose's crusade against James.

This is unfair, Mike.  You didn't think it was a crusade at the time.  
You quoted James as admitting that there was never a specific vote in 
Oxford and that a vote would be a good idea.  You yourself made a 
motion for such a vote, saying that a resolution was needed that would 
be accepted by the entire board.  It was only when that vote failed 
that you guys decided that a vote was an unnecessary crusade against 
James.  (See your own e-mail below to refresh your memory.)

Harvey Newstrom <HarveyNewstrom.com>

On May 21, 2004, at 3:08 PM, mike99 wrote,
> What James has written here about our decision at Oxford as previously
> stated in the minutes and adopted by the Board is exactly as I 
> remember. We
> voted for James as Executive Director. Later, after Oxford, the open
> question about serving simultaneously as ED and a Board member was 
> clarified
> as a matter of law in the applicable jurisdiction.
> I am not questioning these decisions. In fact, I am in favor of James 
> as ED
> and as a member of the Board. There seems to be some confusion among 
> some
> Board members about this situation, which is why I moved for another 
> vote.
> If I am out of order in moving to vote again on issues already 
> settled, then
> I request that we find some other means to confirm the decisions so 
> that all
> members of the Board will accept them. As things stand now, there 
> seems to
> be some confusion. My motion was intended as a clarification, not a 
> change.
> Giulio, can you suggest another way that we might clarify these issues 
> to
> everyone's satisfaction?
> Michael LaTorra
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>>> Can you clarify this for me?  I missed the Oxford meeting
>> It seemed a clear decision of the Oxford meeting that I would become 
>> ED
>> effective immediately, with a salary and travel budget 
>> to-be-determined
>> once we had actual money.
>> However there was never a specific vote to that effect, and I think 
>> one
>> would be a good idea.
>> I raised the question at the time about whether I would need to step
>> down from the Board in order to become ED, and said I would get back 
>> to
>> the Board about it.
>> I believe I reported back to the Board after Oxford that there were no
>> restrictions on the ED being a Board member in the US or CT law, and 
>> you
>> may remember that we then created wtaboard2004 at yahoogroups.com in 
>> order
>> to discuss matters relating to my employment "in my absence".
>> I subsequently reported in the minutes from Oxford that the Board had
>> appointed me ED, which seemed both in Oxford and on the list once we
>> briefed Harvey and BJ, to be a decision my acclaim.
>> The minutes were then adopted, and I have proceeded to sign my email
>> messages and refer to myself as ED on the website and in every 
>> official
>> communication as the ED. The Board's decision to fund my trip to
>> Foresight was in the context of it being the first step toward my 
>> having
>> an ED travel budget.
>> However, as we are all now chastened about trusting to decisions by
>> acclaim, I have no objections to a vote and urge you to put it to a
>> formal vote, as I take Harvey and Jose now want to do.
>> Since Giulio is of the opinion that the decision was made between 
>> Oxford
>> and the adopting of the minutes, I suppose that it now would require a
>> vote to challenge the ruling of the chair.
>> However, I do think you need to decide first whether anyone feels that
>> the ED cannot be a member of the Board.
>> As I said, I am no longer willing to resign from the Board to take the
>> post of ED.
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