[extropy-chat] Re: What _is_ it with the WTA board, anyway?

David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Tue Jan 17 00:28:09 UTC 2006

Giu1i0 wrote:

>It is not the WTA board fighting among itself in public again, it is
>two Board members who decided to take the debate to the exi-chat list,
>forcing the others to respond.
>Can we just stop this?

As someone only negligibly involved with WTA, I appreciate this thread.

The goings-on in a publicly visible organization in the same meme 
space as ExI are pertinent and appropriate for exi-chat.

The players involved include friends, people I know and respect, and 
those with whom I might work in the future. If there are serious 
issues of their behavior or treatment, I want to hear about it.

Beyond the thread / BOD participants, many on the list are or have 
been involved with WTA. Since one of the issues raised is alleged 
censorship on the WTA lists, it makes sense to discuss it off a WTA list.

Criticizing the behavior of a list member is not ad hominem in this 
case, since their behavior is central to the thread topic. I would 
hope, however, that the criticism not be needlessly vulgar. "X is a 
liar" -- yes; "X is a lying turd" -- no.

-- David.

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