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Brandon Reinhart transcend at extropica.com
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It's something to ask about. I'm interested in signing up with Alcor, but I
subscribe (at the moment) to the thread view of identity. I'd like to read
more philosophical works on the subject, as I don't consider my view to be
set in stone.

If anyone has any links or references to discussions or debates on the
subject of pattern vs. thread, I would be interested.

- An open mind is like a fortress with its gate unbarred and unguarded.

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There was nothing like that in my Alcor paperwork.


Russell Wallace wrote:

> Do current cryonics providers have a section on their consent form 
> that asks whether you want:
> a) To be uploaded as soon as the technology becomes available for it 
> (cryonics patients are the obvious first candidates for destructive 
> scan uploading, likely to be the first feasible type).
> b) To be kept on ice until the technology advances to the point of 
> allowing thawing out and biological revival (perhaps with the option 
> of later uploading) (which might be years to decades later).
> If not, is there enough difference among people signed up for cryonics 
> to merit such? I ask because it occurs to me that there is a split in 
> general between people who subscribe to the _pattern_ view of identity 
> (in which destructive scan uploading from a frozen state is fine) and 
> those who subscribe to the _thread_ view of identity (in which 
> historical continuity is important, so they'd rather wait for gradual 
> uploading to be available); if that split also exists among cryonics 
> patients, it might be worth making sure your position on the matter is 
> written down somewhere before you go into the dewar.
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