[extropy-chat] Opinions on Singularity

Anne-Marie Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Sun Jun 11 20:51:27 UTC 2006

Ben Wrote:
  >POTENTIAL advantages (not saying that this is what i expect, understand)
>are mainly allowing us (people in general) to lever ourselves out of the
>shithole we find ourselves in at present. Allowing us to live as long as
>we want, rid ourselves of diseases, poverty, oppression, allowing us a
>much better chance of realising our potentials as thinking beings.
>Maximising our chances of happiness. Giving us (thinking beings in
>general) a fighting chance to survive into the future.

  Thank you for your response.  I was wondering if you could clearify how these
  things will be achieved by The Singularity.  
  I'm sorry if I sound redundant.
  I know I frequently return to the subject of The Singularity because I feel I haven't 
  figured out what my own opinion is on the subject.  
  When discussing topics subjects such as Transhumanism or cryonics,  I found it easy to
  listen, learn and decide if I thought the topic was "Good" or "Bad" for me.  
  Although after reading the sl4 posts I have learned a lot, on some level, I can't help
  feeling that most of the posts talk about the high risks of developing an AI.  There aren't 
  many posts that talk of the benefits.  
  I wanted to write about The Singularity in a form that represents the both "bad" and "good"
  sides but am finding it hard to do.
  I won't post any more questions regarding this issue but if anybody would like to get
  back to me either privately or on list, it would be greatly appreciated.
  Thanks again

Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at 
this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. 
Tomorrow, when I know more, I recall that piece of 
knowledge and use it better.
-Mark van Doren
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