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> Most modern cars can be fairly cheaply modified to run on 85% ethanol.  We
> can use the existing underground tanks, the pumps, the tanker trucks, etc.
> It will be ethanol in the short run, not hydrogen, not liquid natural gas.
> Disappointingly low tech, but it is the cheapest next step.

Ethanol produces half as much energy as gasoline, and costs more per gallon, even with gas prices tripled by Bush's warmongering.
Of course electric cars may indeed have replaced gasoline by now, to some extent, if not for the ban on nuclear power plant building. The whole country could be run on nuclear power by now, which could be much cheaper than fossil fuels. Instead, most of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels, causing ironic situations like how you pollute more with an electric car, in California, than with a gasoline-powered car, because the environmental fearmongers have effectively banned ALL power plant production, leaving the state run off of coal-fire plants which put more nuclear radiation in the atmosphere than a nuclear plant.
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