[extropy-chat] When did intelligence first emerge intheuniverse?

John K Clark jonkc at att.net
Mon Jun 26 15:49:07 UTC 2006

Robert Bradbury Wrote:

> I am not even proposing that the Big Bang is wrong.


> If your only argument that dark matter must exist is
> based on theories of the big bang nucleosynthesis then
> we will have to agree to disagree.

No, Big Bang theory never predicted the existence of Dark Matter,
it was found empirically. What big bang nucleosynthesis theory
argues is that if dark matter exists it can not be made of the
same stuff as normal matter, the sort of stuff you'd build a
Jupiter Brain with.

 > Since dark matter only interacts by gravity [....]

Huh? I thought you were pushing the idea that Dark Matter was
Jupiter Brains constructed with ordinary matter that just wasn't
hot enough to shine in the visible spectrum.

> Please explain why something that cannot be seen or detected, i.e. a
> 'fantasy' concept

Dark Matter can be detected, our telescopes have detected it they just can't
see it. And I thought we both agreed that dark Matter existed it's just that
I don't know what it's and you claim it's made of Jupiter Brains.

> all we can see that is 13 billion light years away is supernovas we have
> absolutely  no idea what galaxies looked like or their rotational speeds
> at those  distances.

That is just untrue. The Hubble million second exposure "Ultra Deep Field"
photograph clearly shows lots of galaxies from that era, see the picture for
yourself at:


> unless something very tragic happens [we] are easily within 100 years
> of taking our star dark

Probably not too far off the mark give or take a few years, except that
the sun won't be dark, it will just be radiating in a band of the
electromagnetic spectrum that human eyes are not sensitive to, but as
there won't be any human eyes or human beings by then it doesn't much

> Is there any observational evidence you can offer that our galaxy
> is 'dead'

Well, if ET has been working on our galaxy for billions of years
like you think then ET is one crappy engineer; billions of huge pointless
balls of gas radiating colossal amounts of energy into empty space, it's a

  John K Clark

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