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Tue Jun 27 15:51:11 UTC 2006

I feel that the key issue is one of science.

Does or will DNA  or DNA mimetic structures remain useful
for essential functions of  "organisms" capable of
profoundly improved and scaled up computational capacity.

If Yes, then it's just a matter of evolving with the technology
and AI or human, we will share a similar goal.
 e.g. if the knowlege intensive organism is an "ODO" like
organism where integrated knowlege management
might still use DNA mimetics VS a purely synthetic
"terminator" like organism.

I am still a faithful believer that nature models intelligently
and that native structures will continue to be emulated
by AI designed constructs.  Or put otherwise that
the part of the development curve where this is dispensed with
is too far on the other side of the singularity  to be integrated into
current planning.

Simply put it's not practical to expect a bacteria to consciously speculate
about quantum physics.


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