[extropy-chat] (par-a-noy-a) definitions

Anne-Marie Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 27 22:23:24 UTC 2006

My apologies again, I jump so quick to say what's on my mind, 
  thinking everybody knows exactly what i'm talking about.  
  I was thinking, at the time, (fictionaly ofcourse), if an AI is Googling, how
  will it know what is the best answer based on so many definitions.
  If the AI looks up the definitions of (par-a-noy-a), would it trust only the 
  definition by wiki, will it say princeton has a better definition, what will 
  be the deciding factor of who's right?
  For example: Some definitions include; A mental state that includes unreasonable
  suspicions of people and situations, A person who is paranoid may be suspicious, hostile, feel very important, or may become extremely 
  sensitive to rejection by others, a disease like state,  characterized 
  mainly with abnormal suspiciousness and crazy idea and suspicion of others 
  is based on unrealistic facts.
  I was trying to figure out how will the AI, if only feeded this information, will
  be able to determine that someone sensitive to rejection is not always 
  I know, I have a vivid imagination,again sorry if I sounded off the ball:)
  I'll try in the futur to not have quick fingers.

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