[extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?

Pete Bertine pkbertine at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 1 19:24:44 UTC 2006

If the pope is now pro-evolution (doubt it, it's a papal trick. Get em in
the church then bash them over the head with creationism)
Then to whom do we send the 1 page evolution definition?

I am very much in favor of:
1) Writing the definition and getting on list review/edit of a final copy
2) Actually doing something with it!  Nail it to the White House door if

Seriously, what if leading Transhumanists penned a one pager and tried to
get it into the press with a challenge to school teachers to incorporate it
into their curriculum?  Or if an exciting debate between "The body freezers"
v. "The Creationists" were waged online (Discovery Channel special?) with a
hard line taken for evolution, if it was entertaining, if walking fish were
blown up or driven over by Spike on an Orange County chopper, then people
might wake up.  

Lets face it, Creationism is a meme that is in vogue.  Just look at the top
Google sites that are pro-evolution:



Evolution needs a better PR firm.  www.talkorigins.org? How about
www.creationismsucks.com and www.evolutionrocks.com or www.sexyevolution.com
or www.donaldtrumptheevolution.com Something, anything that will get a 1
page evolution manifesto to the top of the Google page. A non academic
website that has a stated (or top secret) agenda... Get evolution back on
top of the food chain and toss creationism back into the Myth Pile.

I mean, this is something that Transhumanism can publicly get behind 100%
and not worry about being called head freezing geeks, it is a very worthy
unselfish cause. And let's face it Transhumanism has a very shallow selfish
public image... "I want to freeze my body, cause I'm so smart and have
enough money and want to live forever."  Could it be that Transhumanism
could lend negative PR to the evolution battle?  Baloney !

Come on people, get your heads out of your academic journals and fight!
Take evolution to the streets, to the people!  Let's win this war!


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> >From what I understand lately, the Vatican is all in favor of evolution.
> It's human the "life begins at conception" problems that pose a problem
> for
> them.
> >
> > We absolutely do need a good 1 sheet definition of evolution so I can go
> > nail it to the door of the Vatican.  Been several hundred years since my
> > ancestors nailed anything to the door of a Catholic church and I'm ready
> to
> > get my hammer. (Spike, it is OK to threaten the Catholic Church with a
> > hammer on the list, isn't it?)
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