[extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?

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> If the pope is now pro-evolution (doubt it, it's a papal trick. Get em in
> the church then bash them over the head with creationism)...

My take on this is that they realized by the 1800s what a terrible error had
been made with Galileo.  The RC church found itself in a morass, from which
extrication was apparently impossible: to reverse poor Galileo's anathema
would be to declare that a pope could err, even when speaking ex cathedra.
The problem could only grow and grow, until it eventually became irrelevant,
overtaken by the much larger problem of priests sexually abusing children.

By the time Darwin showed up, the RCs were most eager to not repeat the
blunder of condemning scientists to hell.

> 2) Actually doing something with it!  Nail it to the White House door if
> necessary...
> Pete
> www.petebertine.com

Careful Pete, this is unadvisable.  One of the residents at
that particular house has a shotgun, and he *will* use it.  



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