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Ned Late nedlate2006 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 2 20:22:49 UTC 2006

Let's not be too dismissive of the Raelians and other cults. Religions are larger cults with political power. BTW you can ask an educated person why religion has worked for thousands of years, and you wont get a satisfactory answer either.
   What religion does is give meaning where there is no meaning; It all centers around the family; does a scientist hold his or her family together with true rationality, no, he necessarily cons himself into thinking his wife is some sort of earth goddess, and his children are ultraspecial creations of the cosmos-- when perhaps they are nothing but meat-puppets. Let's please not be so sure we're less deluded in our own way than  Raelians.
>1) Super powerful cults that use the media and legal system to spread
>pseudoscience and clone idiots, such as the Raelians.
>My first post on this list was an attempt to dissuade Robert Bradbury from
>interacting with a Raelian. Robert has a great sense of humor, but I'm not
>sure he knew what he was dealing with unless he wanted to get invited to a
>Raelian orgy. 

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