[extropy-chat] Fools building AIs (was: Tyranny in place)

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Oct 6 08:23:59 UTC 2006

On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 09:14:33PM -0400, Ben Goertzel wrote:

> I asked a friend recently what he thought about the prospect of
> superhuman beings annihilating humans to make themselves more
> processing substrate...
> His response: "It's about time."

Not quite, I hope. I'd like my kids to grow up.
> When asked what he meant, he said simply, "We're not so great, and

Not so great in comparison to what?

> we've been dominating the planet long enough.  Let something better

Better in which sense? Fitter doesn't mean better, especially
if you're at the receiving end.

> have its turn."

I understand Moravec is of a similiar persuasion. 
Well, it's an opinion, and I'm glad people with that
opinion are not in charge of the world.
> I do not see why this attitude is inconsistent with a deep
> understanding of the nature of intelligence, and a profound
> rationality.

I don't know what profound rationality is, but your brand
of it seems to exclude such basic fare like self-preservation.

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