[extropy-chat] Fools building AIs

Ben Goertzel ben at goertzel.org
Sat Oct 7 03:36:18 UTC 2006

> I'm curious why you think evolutionary theory (a superset of game theory)
> and usual physics are not applicable to a population of postbiological
> critters. You must have reasons for your position.

Usual physics, if it is correct, will of course apply to
postbiological critters.  I have little faith that current physics is
completely correct, and expect radical physics discoveries in future
once we have superhuman AI's, but that's another story...

Evolutionary theory applies to populations of critters that reproduce
or survive differentially based on some fitness criterion ... but it
doesn't help much in understanding a hard takeoff scenario where one
AI becomes superpowerful before a population of other
approximate-equals can come about.

Physics, if current physics is correct, is universal ... evolutionary
theory only applies to certain kinds of situations, which may not be
the ones that obtain post-Singularity...


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