[extropy-chat] humor: evil eye

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky sentience at pobox.com
Tue Oct 31 05:16:05 UTC 2006

spike wrote:
> Spirits might be a bit like people in which the moral status is far less
> clear, perhaps a 50-50 mixture of good and evil.  Surely as a companion
> talisman to the Evil Eye we need another device for dealing with these
> ambiguously moral spirits.  In keeping with the alliteration of evil eye, I
> propose the Neutral Nose.
> Chemistry minded people are accustomed to thinking in terms of protons,
> neutrons and electrons.  To fill out our talisman trilogy, surely we need
> some device for driving out those spirits that are positively not evil.  It
> isn't clear why exactly, other than to maintain symmetry.  The opposite of
> evil is righteous, so what could we have?  A retina is part of the eye,
> which is already taken, and a radius without the ulna seems incomplete, but
> I just don't think we should go with the Righteous Rectum.  It is unclear
> what such a talisman would look like, although it might actually be rather
> effective in repelling spirits.  

Holy Hair
Benevolent Brow
Excellent Ear
Righteous Retina
Goody Glare
Perfect Pupil
Nice Nostril
Loving Lips
Cheerful Cheek

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