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Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 06:22:04 UTC 2006

To go off on a real tangent -- think of it in fundamental terms -- survival
and reproduction -- no survival = no reproduction; no reproduction = no
survival.  All of the rest of it is layered on top of that.  Tribes --
promote survival and reproduction.  Marriages (or families) -- promote
survival and reproduction.  Religions -- promote survival and reproduction.
Poltical parties -- promote survival and reproduction.

Humanity is in the process of transitioning from survival and reproduction
at the gene level to survival and reproduction at the body level to survival
and reproduction at the tribe level to survival and reproducation at the
meme level.

So the debate over "marriage" (promoting gene or body or tribe) survival and
reproduction vs. "social unions" (promoting body or tribe or meme) survival
is a level debate.

The root debate (homosexual animals being natural or 'social unions' being
natural) is the debate over genes being inherently more valuable than
memes.  I would tend to question that as I view software as being more
flexible (and therefore has higher survival probabilities) than hardware.

As the rate of change increases (the singularity) it is likely that only
those who adopt the path of greatest flexibility will survive.

You must be willing to give up everything you are for what you might become


1. Unfortunately very very few individuals in the world today grasp this --
they are more concerned with being who or what they "are" than simply
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