[extropy-chat] Sustainability philosopy as a justification forexistence

Russell Wallace russell.wallace at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 23:52:57 UTC 2006

On 9/5/06, spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Ja, of course we are not yet post singularity.  Spears wouldn't be the
> appropriate technology in any case, but rather something analogous to what
> you see if you hit control alt delete on a windoze computer.  You see a
> list
> of processes, most of which you didn't ask for and don't know anything
> about, and are not working for you.  In a very real sense, those processes
> are competing with each other for run time.  Some mysterious process in
> the
> operating system is deciding which process gets the cycles, without
> consulting you, even tho you are paying the power bill.  Some of those
> processes may be viruses or inadvertently downloaded advertising.  This is
> very much in line with my understanding of evolution.

Tried it just now and as usual, almost all the CPU time was going to
Folding at home - which I did ask for, as part of my contribution to the war
against our common enemy, death.

Hey, I'm supposed to be the pessimist around here :)
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