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> On Wed, Sep 06, 2006 at 06:39:10PM -0700, spike wrote:
> > Very much so.  My own views on openness were based on my own lack of
> desire to hide anything about my life...
> Would this go so far as to post your complete earning statements...


Hmmm, ja, anyone who cares could easily estimate my salary to one digit
precision, which would be close enough for any practical purpose I can

> your daily diary (containing your every thought, of course)...

My ExI posts are this in a way, as much as I take the effort to record.  At
one time I spent much more effort and time posting my thoughts and ideas

> ...and to install webcams into your every room?...

That would run into money.  I don't see the sense in spending good money to
spew information to the masses who likely wouldn't even want it.

> Have you never had to exchange emails with a customer who insisted
> they to be encrypted?...

I should point out that in my workplace all the email is encrypted.  We have
IT people that take care of that.  I don't know how it works.  They do.

> > enable crime.
> Film at 11: most things enable crime. Cars enable crime, should we
> outlaw cars? Kitchen knives enable crime...

Point well taken.  I am a gun ownership advocate, and that definitely
enables both crime and deterrence.  

On that note, I had an idea while reading your post.  We could get a group
of openness advocates, and sprinkle among them decoys whose information
openness would serve as attractive targets for identity thieves.  Then if
anyone did attempt to use credit line of one of the decoys WHAM ya got em,
because the merchants would have a computerized list of decoy identities.
Then any time an identity thief discovered what appeared to be an easy ID
theft target, she would immediately suspect a trap.  She would then look for
a more difficult ID theft target.  Perhaps digging for information would
create a clearer trail for the authorities.

Likewise with lawsuit lottery players.  Create some decoy fictitious wealthy
person.  The lawsuit lottery player arranges to have an accident on the
front lawn of the decoy, lawsuit goes forth, no money there.

We could perhaps penetrate terrorist sleeper cells with decoy fanatics.
Then when the real fanatics appear, the others don't trust her.

But I digress.



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