[extropy-chat] the RBL racket

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Mon Sep 11 08:46:26 UTC 2006

On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 08:09:48AM +0100, Russell Wallace wrote:

>    Then recommend community service and/or compensation for economic
>    damage done.

How do you propose to compensate for 100 million $/year damage a single
large spammer easily causes? 

>    Do you know what it's like being in prison? Me neither. But I've known
>    people who've been in there.
>    Rapists and muggers, fine, I won't shed a tear for them. A cruel
>    punishment is appropriate for cruel men. But people who typed stuff on
>    a computer keyboard? Do you understand what's going to happen if you

If I type stuff on a computer keyboard, and steal 100 k$ from
your bank account, would you propose that I would not go to jail?

>    allow your government to imprison people for that?

If I type on my keyboard, and take over most hosts on the Internet,
wipe and alter online information and keep the global network down 
for a week, causing hundreds of casualties, do you think your government 
should imprison people for that? Or if I type stuff on a keyboard, 
and make a nuclear reactor go china, should I be responsible for my 

Should white-collar crime (mostly commited by keyboard) go unpunished?

>    I stand by my original comment.

Apparently, the majority and the legislation think differently.

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