[extropy-chat] Podcast about Extropians

nvitamore at austin.rr.com nvitamore at austin.rr.com
Tue Sep 12 18:45:17 UTC 2006

From: John john.heritage at v21.me.uk

>Whilst not directly related to extropy, you might also want to check out
>podcast from Nature;


>Maybe all the extropy / transhuman lists could get together and produce a 
>podcast? Each one submits a section maybe? I might be up for helping with 
>that. I know on Extrobritannia we're talking about (have done for a few) 
>recording the group meetings.

Great idea.  I have a podcast called Futurists Podcast Lecture Series, but
for my practice at the University, I am developing a "Transhumanism
Podcasts."  I'd love for you to be involved.

Best wishes,


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