[extropy-chat] Mammary output - was what is the upside / advantageof meat ?

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Sep 23 12:18:31 UTC 2006

>  Before we began supplementing, the larva did often wail in
> a most heartrending way.  I was disturbed to think of what would be the
> consequences had we not had all our technological advances to make the
> infant and his parents more comfortable.  I thank evolution that we were
> born as late in history as we were.

Agreed, heartrending wails are most painful to hear. Our first had colic and the
sounds emitted were astonishing. And distressing. To all of us. Shudder...

Fortunately our second was much more placid.  Maybe we were better at understanding,
the second time around!?!  For sure, we were more placid as well.  ;)


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