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From: Mike Dougherty
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>> "religion" is a dangerous meme?  Not a particular religion, just "religion" in general?

> Why denounce religion?  I can understand your personal decision to not partake of religion, but how is it productive to actively campaign against it?  

Why not?  Religion - as long is it contains superstitious nonsense - legitimizes thinking of the irrational kind, and thereby supports all the "religious extremists" (whom the moderates like to say they do not support).  

And as long as the superstitious factor is alive and kicking in whatever particular religion one may espouse, I can't understand how one can be a "religious liberal" and look down on the "religious fundamentalists and jihadists" ... because while the religious may play for different teams - they inhabit the same island, and all play for the same parochial Camp Woo Woo Mucka (and follow  many of the same religious rituals like praying, believing in weird things, etc. - albeit the weird things may differ from team to team).

Having said that, however, I must admit I know atheists who believe in weird things, as well (astrology, alternative medicine, and the like) - so it's not enough simply not to believe in a god/goddess or gods.    

There's no (rational v. irrational) two ways about it.  One would do well to  develop good habits of skeptical thought and stop being intellectually compromised.  One small step away from [insert god or political ideology of choice] ... could be one giant leap for humankind.  That is to say, dealing with the REAL world would be a good start.


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