[extropy-chat] Islamic morons win yet again

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 29 03:05:08 UTC 2006

Well, since you went with a point by point critique...

You might have missed my earlier clarification - I was making a joke about
absolute statements.

I have not been on this list for very long.  Perhaps I used 'trolling'
incorrectly.  I meant "generally attempting to get a reaction" - which was
not intended to judge the total of your contribution to date as much your
mood at that moment.

"been there done that" - that's a great way to follow a criticism about how
banally standard my own comment was.  Again, I failed to express myself in a
way that you would appreciate my point.  Attacking "religion" as a broad
category of worldview without allowing for the possibility that it has value
for those who 'believe' is a one-side approach.  This strikes me as being
similarly effective as a devout worshipper trying to convince you to give up
your rationality to embrace their belief.  "You're wrong, change your
thinking to my view" is rarely an effective way to influence someone.  I
would suggest that if you really wanted to disinfect a particular strain of
religious belief that you would have to understand the behavior of the meme
in much the same way the biological viral activity is studied before it can
be effectively countered with drugs.

Ok then, I am not sorry for you.  I also do not have contempt either.  To be
honest I really don't care much beyond reading any particular email.  I will
say that I do actually recognize your name now that I look - I'm not sure
why, perhaps you wrote something in the past that (at that moment) struck me
as particularly relevant or well stated.  "this form of attack" is an
interesting way to express this thought - I meant no offense.  If you took
my tone as such...  (I can't say I'm sorry, you've already expressed how
that is a damned lie) ... too bad, get over it.  :)  BTW, I do not consider
myself a "religious nincompoop" - I was mostly just playing devil's

Perhaps it was *I* who was 'trolling' at the time.  Thanks for playing
along.  This may be one of the longest threads I have participated in for a

On 9/28/06, John K Clark <jonkc at att.net> wrote:
> Mike Dougherty  Wrote:
> > Absolute statements are stupid.
> Rather like the one you just wrote. And if you can't call a spade a spade
> on
> the Extropian list where the hell can you? Religion is stupid. Absolutely!
> > If you're just trolling
> I'm flattered. As I've been on this list for over a decade so you must
> think
> I deserve to be in the Guinness Book of world records as the longest
> living
> troll in internet history.
> > If you really are too close-minded
> One should always be open minded, but not so open minded that all your
> brains fall out.
> >to realize that your anti-religious beliefs are approaching religious
> zeal
> Standard attack. You know your opponent hates religion so you accuse your
> opponent of being religious. Boring. Been there done that.
> > then I am sorry for you.
> Bullshit. You are lying through your teeth. Whenever somebody uses the
> cliché "I am sorry for you" they are never, EVER, expressing genuine
> sympathy, rather they are trying to express contempt. However this form of
> attack has proven to be somewhat less than brilliantly effective with me.
> Whenever a religious nincompoop says he doesn't like what I say I am
> proud.
>   John K Clark    jonkc at att.net
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