[ExI] Good news on the Alzheimer's front

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 20:44:02 UTC 2007

On 8/16/07, Gary Miller <aiguy at comcast.net> wrote:

> It doesn't look like their company Socratech is public but they do have
> patents in place so no way to get rich off the coming miracle drug if there
> is one of course.
The notion that Socratech, a new company, is not "public" does not
preclude investing in it.  It just means that the way to invest is by
direct contact with the principles and negotiation of an investment
relationship, rather than the "public' method of stock purchase.  This
is the sort of thing we associate with venture capitalists.  But, hey,
anyone can do the venture capitalist thing.  Just form/call yourself a
VC company(or just skip this step and do a "private placement"),
gather up investors, and go for it.

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