[extropy-chat] transhumanism=doomsday cult b.s?

Anders Sandberg asa at nada.kth.se
Thu Feb 1 02:49:16 UTC 2007

kevin.osborne wrote:
> healthy, lucid, self-examinatory answers all; well done and
> congratulations, I think as a collective you guys have definitely
> passed the cult test with flying colours.

"I passed the cult test but all I got was this T-shirt!" :-)

I think transhumanism is a bit unusual in its tendency towards
self-examination. But of course, that can be negatively formulated as
self-absorption and narcissism too. Sometimes I think we started thinking
we were going into the history books a few decades too early.

Anders Sandberg,
Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

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