[extropy-chat] Energy & Global Warming [was: Partisans and EP]

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Mon Feb 12 05:14:00 UTC 2007

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> spike wrote:
> > Cool calculation Anders!  The neutrons that are captured hafta be much
> > lower energy than MeV if I understand the process correctly.
> Yes, I just checked up the physics. They have to be thermalized by several
> bounces down to 0.025 eV, which produces a speed of 2.2 km/s. At that
> speed they have a big cross-section. Still, the speed is three orders of
> magnitude larger than the movement of the nuclei, so I see no problem with
> sloshy targets...

Ja, a fraction of an eV is what I recalled, altho my recollections from
physics lectures are... very old now, my young friend.  {8^D  Sloshy targets
are fine, I agree, but in Pu solution makes the ions too rarified to get
very many captures in our lifetimes.  Solutions are another three orders of
magnitude more rarified than a liquid metal, if my vague recollections of
typical solubility of heavy metal salts are any better than my physics

> > And those comments about Israel being wiped off the map probably don't
> > help.
> But see it from the bright side: GWB is no longer the worst diplomat on
> the map!   --Anders Sandberg

Waaaaaaahahahahahahahaaaaa!  Thanks Anders, this makes my day.  {8-]  spike

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