[extropy-chat] Wills, Death (and taxes) - cryogenics to tissue storage

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Tue Feb 27 19:25:06 UTC 2007

As I was on the train into work this morning, my wife thrust upon me
both a draft copy of my living will and last will, of which I've been
woefully neglectful in finishing. In it I noticed key phrases of "do
not resuscitate" and options of "cremate my body and spread the ashes
at ...".

Besides the grim fact of contemplating one's death in the early
morning on the way to work, I was curious as to what sort of
paragraphs and points H+ folk are putting into their Wills. I jokingly
threw out the ideas of "freezing my brain" and tissue storage much to
her annoyance and chagrin.

I have a fear of death, I've realized - I'm not scared of going to
Hell or just "afraid" but as one who has a brain that spins like a
harddrive 24/7, constantly researching, learning and reading....I
don't want to miss out. I've imagined the future and I can't imagine
just....dying. At a minimum let me download my consciousness into a
collective virtual astral plane where it can wander in perpetuity in
and out of others knowledge....

Cryogenics? Brain storage? Tissue collection for later regeneration?

What are being putting in their legal documents? What are reasonable
cost solutions that won't take away from a child or spouse's
inheritance from an unexpected death? What needs to be considered in
case of catastrophic failure of a cryogenic freezer, destruction of a
storage facility or loss of a DNA print backup?

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