[extropy-chat] Sasha is alive!

ben benboc at lineone.net
Wed Jan 3 19:32:38 UTC 2007

Surely, if this sort of resurrection is ever possible, it would result 
not in just one individual, but a whole range of them? (probably a huge 
number of them).
Of course, we can leave it as an exercise for those given to perpetual 
pointless pondering to determine which one is the 'real' Sasha :>

Eugen said: "people should look into life extension first, and cryonics 

I'm wondering - are there any other options? Everyone seems to assume 
these two are the only ones: Either keep going in your present form as 
long as possible, using drugs, CR, etc., or dying and getting preserved 
in some useful way in the hope of future reconstruction/uploading.

I don't think that's enough choices! Has anyone thought of any others?

ben zaiboc

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