[extropy-chat] Transhumanism in Korea and Japan

Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 4 02:31:01 UTC 2007

Dear transhumanist friends,
       Just to start a great new year, the "Chosun Ilbo" ("Korean Daily", the largest newspaper in Korea, with a circulation of 2.5 million copies, much more than The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal) has published an interview about transhumanism, which has a very nice drawing depicting the continuous evolution of humankind, from humans to cyborgs to posthumans (angels and/or devils?:-) and can be seen here:
       The interview appeared on a front page, full page format, on January 1, 2007. The Korean reporter who interviewed me came specially all the way to Caracas, Venezuela, and this shows how interested they are about such issues in Korea. If you don't understand Korean, you can try a free Internet on-line translator like Altavista Babelfish, even if the translations are still not too good (for example, my last name gets translated as "grand nose"... as opposed to "big brain":-)
       Hopefully, soon, once we are posthumans, we will not need external translators. In the meantime, we will need some other enhancements...
       And now from Korea to Japan. A few days ago, another newsreporter from the Japanese "Mainichi Shimbun" (one of the largest newspapers in the world, with a daily circulation of 4 million copies in the morning and 2 million copies in the evening) has interviewed me and I will keep you posted once it appears. Also, since I am moving to Japan next Summer in order to work in the most prestigious development center in Asia, there will be plenty of other opportunities for more interviews and articles. If transhumanism is really going to move into the mainstream, we have to be more mainstream and leave behind the freaky and fringe environments.
       After publishing a book about transhumanism in Korean last year, I will be now targeting the Japanese and Chinese markets, so, If you have any good ideas about them please write to me in private: jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com. I will be very happy and thankful for any feedback:-)
       Once again, have a very happy 2007, 2070, 2700, 7200...
       Transhumanisticaly yours,

La vie est belle!

Yosé (www.cordeiro.org)

Caracas, Venezuela, Americas, TerraNostra, Solar System, Milky Way, Multiverse

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