[extropy-chat] yo extropes

Brian M. Delaney listsb at infinitefaculty.org
Mon Jan 8 17:58:15 UTC 2007

2007-01-08 09:04 skrev Damien Broderick:
>>>> On 1/5/07, Brett Paatsch <bpaatsch at bigpond.net.au> wrote:
>>>>> happy new year to ya's (even you'se american ones who might not
>>>>> be so fully deserving of it)
>> In what sense might Americans not be so fully deserving of a Happy New
>> Year greeting?
> This to-and-fro is going to lead straight into a cycle of what amount 
> to retaliatory trolling, isn't it? For example, I can imagine Brett 
> might reply briefly with, say, http://www.iraqbodycount.org/ . But 
> that sort of discussion never seems to get anywhere useful on this 
> list, and ends up poisoning the well for weeks. (I know, it might be 
> argued that I've just done exactly that.)

Apologies, I honestly wasn't sure what Brett was thinking, and sincerely 
wanted to know why he thought Americans might not be so fully deserving 
of a Happy New Year greeting (I could have made guesses, but didn't want 
to). Wasn't thinking that well-poisoning was a risk, but you know the 
list far better than I do.


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