[extropy-chat] A future fit to live in? (was: Robert AntonWilson)

Jef Allbright jef at jefallbright.net
Sat Jan 13 20:13:15 UTC 2007

Robert Bradbury wrote:

> Laws of physics one would hope are fixed (at least in this universe), 
> or if not, they are changing along vectors which we can calculate 
> (if they were changing quickly the long term organization of matter 
> would be at risk).  Our current path is *still* on the path of 
> understanding the laws of physics and understanding what they have
> created to date.  I have little doubt that in a current/post singularity
> era that the laws of physics plus what semi-random evolutionary
> processes are capable of creating will be well understood.  So the
> trajectory of humanity (and/or other species more advanced than
> ours) will be different.  We cannot simply conquer the frontier (that
> is "simple"), instead we have to both create it and explore it.  Not
> that that is difficult (SecondLife may serve as an example) but there
> are clear cost/benefit tradeoffs. 

> Would I want to wake up in an environment where I am clearly obsolete
> and where the material in my body (or the computer hosting my mind) 
> might clearly be dedicated to purposes more useful than that which I am
> likely to manifest? 
This is a good example of why I keeping pointing out that it's not "survival" (whatever that could possibly mean in a rapidly changing environment) that matters, but rather the promotion of one's values into the future.
- Jef
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