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Samantha -
Please note that the text you quoted was Robert's, not mine.
- Jef


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Jef Allbright wrote:
> Everyone tends to be focused on the rush rush youth market (my mother
> or father use an Apple iPhone (see me ROTFL) care about "MySpace"
> (whats MySpace?), etc.)  There is little emphasis on how to augment
> the lifestyles of the elderly to allow them to remain functional and
> productive -- perhaps, as Ray puts it, "Living long enough to live
> forever".  I don't know if my parents will make it.  The odds are
> against them.  But for those of you on the list who have parents in
> their 60s, maybe even their late 50s, you should be asking yourselves
> whether it is "moral" to develop, market and push on technologies that
> *only* benefit those in the 15-30 y.o. age bracket?  I would predict
> there will come a time, sometime perhaps in the 2015 to 2030 time
> frame when books will be written with titles like "How many could we
> have saved?"
Should all perish together if the early technologies cannot benefit
those older than 30 today?  What would be moral about so choosing for
your children? Indefinitely long life has to start somewhere.  Insisting
that somehow it "morally" must arrive at once for everyone of all ages
would likely insure it never arrives at all.  I am 52 and on the cusp of
those who may not make it.  But I am still happy to invest what I can in
longevity research even if it does not end up benefitting me or my

- samantha

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