[extropy-chat] 22nd Century

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 12:42:03 UTC 2007

On 1/18/07, Robert Bradbury wrote:
> The only part I objected to was the perspective that this is all 100 years
> in the future.  There would have to be a significant deceleration towards
> the singularity for everything discussed to not be generally available by
> ~2040-2050.  Indeed I'm feeling like a luddite already because one can
> apparently get podcasts of the segments but I've got no "Pod" to cast to.

I doubt anyone would dare call you a luddite with all the computer
tech you are surrounded by. :)  Not hip to all the latest cool
gadgets, maybe.  ;)

Podcasts are just MP3 files. You can play them on your computer, if you want to.

People nowadays seem to want to always be surrounded by noise. Perhaps
it is the noise in the environment that drives them to create their
own personal noise to isolate themselves from their surroundings.

As soon as they get up in the morning they switch on the radio or tv.
When mobile, they use their iPod or chat on their phone, or listen to
the car radio or cd player. They never seem to switch off or calm

Personally I prefer peace and quiet. But if you sit in silence, just
reading or writing, or even, (frightening thought!) just thinking or
meditating, people assume there must be something wrong with you.

(I wasn't asleep; I was just resting my eyes).


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