[extropy-chat] Questionnaire on senses

scerir scerir at libero.it
Sun Jan 28 18:20:22 UTC 2007

Anders writes:
[proprioception] ... I learned to relax 
by deliberately learning how different muscles 
feel when they are tense (I deliberately tensed them) 
and then how they feel when they relax
(I ceased tensing them). After a while it becomes 
possible to relax deliberately, which is useful, 
but it only works once you have learned to
recognize tension.

# This is exactly what shooters (ie top pistol
shooters) do (should do) before every single shot. 
They relax every single muscle, starting from the legs, 
then shoulders, arms, hands, the forefinger on the trigger
tongue (and this is very difficult since the same tendon
acts on the forefinger and on the middlefinger). 
After some looong training the entire procedure
takes just few seconds. This is the reason why
their score can be 600/600 (60 'tens').

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