[extropy-chat] Questionnaire on senses

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 27 18:35:04 UTC 2007

--- Anders Sandberg <asa at nada.kth.se> wrote:
>Well, that is a natural sense. Sometimes called
>proprioception. The sense of where the different body
>parts are and in what tension muscles and tendons

Yes, you are right.  I was focusing on the five

>It is surprising how often people completely fail to
>notice it. I learned to relax by deliberately
>learning how different muscles feel when they are

It is surprising how many people are not aware of
Kinesthesia but then again not many people are taught
at a young age to recognize tension.

I've been dancing since the age of 5 so I was lucky
enough to learn what my body is capable and not
capable of doing.   
I do wish parents would look deeper into the benefits
of certain arts, such as ballet, martial arts or even
the benefits of yoga.  
It is important to keep the mind working but it's just
as important to learn about one's own body.  


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