[extropy-chat] Remember when we used to have/be parents

kevin.osborne kevin.osborne at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 06:53:34 UTC 2007

> Given a silicon substrate, minimal (zero?) cost to knowledge transfer
> and an economic system based on abundance, will "parenting" or
> "childhood" exist in practical terms? As a proud and happy parent I
> would miss it. Of course, not having to go to the family reunion where
> Aunt Beryl pinches your cheek would have it's advantages.
I guess there will always be a stage when you can't fend for yourself,
and your parent-net will need to provide your infant
silicon-sluice-slices with nourishment and care, even if what we're
talking about in a post-upload world is stable energy inputs, shielded
data access and attack-vector cancellation.

and I'm not sure it wouldn't be worse to have Aunt Beryl clog my comm
lines with purple/lavender/doily bit-patterns than to be able to just
kick her in the shins and run away :-)

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