[ExI] Regulation vs. Freedom

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Sun Jul 15 15:27:12 UTC 2007

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...One woman acquaintance of mine insists not only that everyone in the
household recycle all plastic bottles, but that they all be *washed* before
being left for the recyclers. If you try pointing out to her that the
recycling machinery washes the containers anyway, and as new plastic items
are manufactured the plastic undergoes chemical cleansing processes...  Lee

Lee you must point out to her that by washing the bottles, she is actually
*wasting* water, which at least partially defeats the environmental
advantages of recycling.

I am interested in what happens when the recycling promoters become aware
that watering lawns actually saves water, or more precisely, recycles water.
If we pull water out of wells and the river, irrigate lawns and fill
swimming pools, the water evaporates, then goes into the atmosphere to fall
again, thus being recycled using nature's tools: sunlight and plants.  What
do we tell the children, who have been indoctrinated that watering lawns
hurts Mother Earth?


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