[ExI] destuction of water

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Jul 15 22:38:31 UTC 2007

Spike writes

> [Lee wrote]
>> Hmm.  Does it also help replenish the ground water used by wells?
>> I do get your point:  it's not like the water just disappears. 
> Well actually it does destroy some of the water.  If a plant drinks the
> water, most evaporates and is recycled, but some of the water molecules are
> BRUTALLY DESTROYED, their hydrogen atoms STRIPPED away, combined with a
> carbon atom from a similarly destroyed carbon dioxide molecule.  The
> hydrogen atoms are combined with the carbon to make more plant tissue,

oops, duh.  I knew that.

> and the oxygen released into the atmosphere as a biological WASTE
> product!  Some of the water really is GONE.  Lost!  We must act to
> save the precious water molecules [from the aforesaid brutal destruction
> involved in supporting trees, children, and other living things]
> {8^D
> Lee I often wonder if the sudden collapse of religion incorporated in the
> west has resulted in a vacuum which is filled by an ill-defined earthism.

I knew that!  Darn.

> This earthism manifests itself as a mindless set of beliefs, a creed largely
> beyond reason or debate, its adherents performing illogical rituals which
> mysteriously fulfill some profound inner drive that organized religion once
> served to satisfy.

Yes,  I should have recognized this woman's actions for what they
are:  religious ritualism.  And (as for what MB was saying), it's not
like she *rinses* them out.  They get *washed*.  With soap.

I say the Earth already has too damn much water, some 3/4 of the
whole world is covered with it.  It needs to get desalinated and
converted into more men, women, and children.  And other living


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