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On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 09:31:33PM -0700, spike wrote:

> Damien, you are surely more studied up on this than I, but I have a hard
> time taking too seriously the notion than an underground lake could be


Given that the water table has dropped in parts of Texas, Oklahoma and
Kansas (by up to 30 m), our use of water today is largely unsustainable.
What's worse, we contaminate the reservoirs. 

> depleted permanently.  If water is drawn out of the ground thru a pipe, my
> intuition is that water can be dropped back down there, thru the same pipe

Not through the same pipe. And it's a lot of water. Where will it come from?

> if necessary, to be drawn up again when it is needed.  It seems to me that
> aquifers could be used as capacitors for water, especially useful in times
> of flooding such as the Texas events described by the local "news" agencies.
> Your childhood home Australia is a dry continent.  The Australians should
> have developed some really bitchin water control technologies.  We have much

You should read the Diamon's Collapse part on Australia. Quite interesting.

> to learn from them, ja?


The U.S. is much, much better of. Mostly.

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