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John desertpaths2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 19 21:19:56 UTC 2007

Spike wrote:
  In any story, one has one's favorite personalities.  It be cool to be
to filter a story, to follow the adventures of one or two characters.
could have the software keep track of what material one has already
then keep offering more detail on one's chosen characters, or go on to
others at will.  Then reading a novel becomes more like doing a modern
google search, nibbling at one's areas of interest but not trying to
actually absorb the entire contents of the internet.

Such a format requires soft copy and specialized software.

  Spike, I think you are really on to something!  But I think you may still be at least a few years ahead of your time.  I was recently at my local Borders bookseller and I noticed a thick tome they were pushing for twentysomething women which had you making choices "Choose your own Adventure-style (remember those?)" and so the main character might wind up divorced, happily-married, rich, homeless, dead- it was all up to your choices.  But I prefer the more complex and enriched concept you have proposed.  
  I have the tendancy with a novel to read just those parts which include characters which engage me.  I did this with David Brin's "Uplift War" because the "evil" aliens appealed to me much more than the human characters.  And I partially read Star Wars novels (please don't hit me!)- but just the parts with the Sith baddies.  
  John Grigg : )

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